About Us

iimpct.tv sources unique impact and lifestyle investment opportunities for High Net Worth  and sophisticated investors who are interested in more than just a financial return.

We do this by identifying interesting and often unusual alternative investment opportunities which also deliver a positive impact – be it environmental, social or cultural. We then arrange for our members to benefit through both equity and rewards.

To help explain and communicate each unique project, we create high quality video collateral to engage with our audiences and build relationships.

This commitment to both lifestyle and impact is exemplified by our promotion of Howard’s Folly.  As well as offering an attractive investment proposition in its own right, Howard’s Folly also delivers a number of additional and important benefits:

  • Social impact: 10% of the majority shareholder’s dividends donated to The Sovereign Art Foundation, a charity established by Founder Howard Bilton and which has so far raised over $6.5m to support abused and disadvantaged children.  Click here to watch videos about the charity’s important work and what they have already achieved.
  • Jobs and Tourism: Significant investment in the new Winery and Visitor Centre in Estremoz, an attractive hilltop town located in one of Europe’s poorest (and most beautiful) areas.  This will not only provide much needed employment opportunities, but is also expected to play a leading role in  the area’s tourism development by becoming a leading visitor attraction
  • Environmental impact: With 60% of electricity already delivered through renewables, the intention is to increase this figure significantly, as well as working towards organic status.

iimpact.tv’s investment platform is licensed from Envestors Limited, authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 523952). For more information, please get in touch.