The Sovereign Art Foundation

The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) was established in 2003 and assists abused and disadvantaged children using art as therapy and rehabilitation.

Please take a few minutes to watchThe Sovereign Art Foundation's 'Paper Plane'

Its portfolio of social responsibility projects ranges from art empowerment programs geared towards Vietnam’s most vulnerable children, to a music and arts programme for orphaned or abandoned children in Mongolia’s capital, creative arts healing projects for victims of human trafficking in Cambodia, a weekend arts programme for underprivileged children living in Hong Kong, to a youth-lead pilot project in rural Nepal to raise awareness of children’s rights.

Often the children in these programmes will be victims of human trafficking, hard labour, sexual abuse, drugs or violence. The Foundation uses art as a means of rehabilitating them, building self-confidence and encouraging them to return to education.

Founder Howard Bilton has pledged 10% of his share of the profits in Howard’s Folly (no impact on other shareholders) to the Sovereign Art Foundation, which has so far raised over US$6.5 million. Many of the wines produced bear images of artworks produced by finalists of the art prizes organised by SAF so there is a close connection between wine production and charity.

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